DeManufacturing & Refurbishment

Although assets can be deemed no longer useful, this does not mean there is no longer value. By using our “all under one roof” business approach, assets that are determined to be at end of line are sent to our demanufacturing area. Our demanufacturing teams continue to extract commodity values from these assets.

Our certifications allow us to demonstrate our commitment to using vetted downstream partners throughout the recycling chain ensuring proper recycling techniques are being used until the final product is reintroduced into the supply chain as raw material.

Refurbishment allows us to take working equipment or equipment that needs minor repairs and reintroduce them to marketplace as functional equipment, therefore reducing the carbon footprint not only for us, but for you, our partners.

We offer affordable and reliable refurbished equipment.

If you are looking for ways your business or organization can enjoy the benefits of owning a PC that fits within your budget. We offer affordable and reliable refurbished PCs. Our Microsoft® Registered Refurbisher license allows us to provide genuine Microsoft software.

A refurbished PC purchased through a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher gives you an affordable system that is pre-installed with genuine Microsoft software. With a refurbished PC you can:

  • Immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of PCs throughout your business or organization, without breaking the budget.
  • Stretch your budget and expand the number of PCs you can buy.
  • Have the confidence of knowing that your PC has been professionally refurbished—wiped of all of the previous owner’s data, repaired, tested, and then pre-installed with genuine Microsoft software.

The value of genuine Microsoft software. Our refurbished PCs come pre-installed with genuine Microsoft software, giving you the confidence of having a system that helps you:

  • Keep your computer running smoothly, because genuine Microsoft software gives you access to downloads, updates, and enhanced features.
  • Avoid downtime and lost data that can occur when counterfeit software malfunctions.
  • Protect your systems from the dangers of counterfeit software that can expose users to security risks, including viruses and spyware.
  • Be in compliance with authentic and properly licensed Microsoft Windows® software.


All Microsoft Registered Refurbishers go through a thorough application process with Microsoft. Before granting the status of Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, Microsoft reviews and confirms the validity of each application and requires that Microsoft Registered Refurbishers submit regular reports and undergo audits.

Our mission is to provide responsible recycling through our commitment to a “zero electronic waste landfill” policy and dedication to “cradle to resource.”

Dewayne Burns

CEO, eSCO Recycling & Processing

Our Certifications

eSCO maintains certifications from industry organizations that govern how IT assets and digital data are handled during various electronics and materials lifecycle management processes.

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