Environmental Policy

Environmental, Quality, Health and Safety Policy

eSCO Processing and Recycling, LLC, recognizes the necessity for a comprehensive management system of our operations for the purpose of ensuring protection of the environment and a healthy and safe work conditions.  We have implemented a Management System in accordance with all requirements of The e-Stewards® Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment Version 3.1, R2:2013, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 to achieve our goal of protecting the environment, supporting and enforcing adherence to applicable labor laws,  human rights  criterion and preventing unauthorized disclosure of confidential information entrusted to our organization,  The Management System is applicable to all operations and subsequent interactions with our employees, contractors, customers and neighbors within the defined scope and therefore we commit to:

  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements, as well as other requirements to which we subscribe to that relate to our environmental aspects and OH & S hazards.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses by identifying, reducing and/or eliminating OH & S hazards and risks.
  • Continual improvement in our operations as well as the protection of the environment, prevention of injury and health issues, pollution prevention, data security, social accountability, OH & S performance and the management system to enhance environmental and stewardship performance.
  • Adhere to all applicable treaties, laws, regulations, conventions and controls regarding the export of Hazardous Electronic Waste and Problematic Components throughout the recycling chain maintaining full accountability to final disposition for all Hazardous e-waste.
  • Adhere to standards of conduct premised on international human rights criterion, Federal and State labor laws and prevailing industry standards to ensure the rights of the workers including a top management commitment to consultation and participation of workers from all levels of our organization and their representatives for health and safety.
  • Ensuring the prohibition of forced, child and prison labor for processing Hazardous e-Waste throughout our recycling chain.
  • Inform our customers of data security issues and ensure proper handling and destruction of any materials in a manner appropriate for the particular media using current guidelines for media sanitization.
  • Review periodically (at least annually) the aspects, hazards, controls, objectives/targets and programs to ensure they remain relevant and appropriate.
  • Communicate the policy to persons working for or on behalf of the organization to increase awareness of corporate and individual responsibilities.
  • Make this policy available to the public.

Dewayne Burns