Repurpose & Remarket

The electronics market continues to change at incredible rate. We can provide an opportunity for customers to minimize their carbon footprint and negative impacts to the environment. We can continue the life cycle of assets through remarketing or repurposing techniques.

We have an extensive network of business partners that afford us many avenues to reintroduce whole equipment or valuable components back into distribution. The relationships with these business partners allow us to negotiate the best ROI for each asset or component.

Assets are first visually inspected and tested to determine the state of health of the equipment. This determination defines the proper refurbishment or demanufacturing needs of each asset. Once the proper determination is made, the asset is then sent to the appropriate experienced technicians to continue the refurbishment, valuable component recovery or demanufacturing.

Our mission is to provide responsible recycling through our commitment to a “zero electronic waste landfill” policy and dedication to “cradle to resource.”

Dewayne Burns

CEO, eSCO Recycling & Processing


Our secure facilities with 24 hour digital CCTV surveillance ensure all assets are fully protected as soon as they enter our facilities. Our locations include non-ferrous recycling facilities with the following:


24-hour video surveillance


Keyed entry to gated facility


Scanned employee entrance


Trained security personnel


Secure processing areas


Redundant security for data destruction

Customer Risk Management

At eSCO, we ensure your needs are met for electronic recycling and asset disposition. We are experts at minimizing your liability. We tailor an individual solution to mitigate risks for each customer. Protections for customers include the following:

Our customers’ assets are treated as if they were our own. At eSCO, we work with the customer to eliminate all security risks surrounding data. 




Data wiping


Secure product and process areas


24-hour digital CCTV surveillance


Certificates of Destruction available for customers

Our Certifications

eSCO maintains certifications from industry organizations that govern how IT assets and digital data are handled during various electronics and materials lifecycle management processes.

Certified Facilities

2111 S. 8th Street
Rogers, AR 72758

1807 East 23rd Street
Little Rock, AR 72206

920B N Glenstone
Springfield, MO 65802